Sahiwal Cow: It’s Origin and Significance

sahiwal cow

Sahiwal cattle can be found in Punjab’s districts of Multan, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Okara, and Pakpattan. The Sahiwal district, which is part of the breed’s home territory, is named after the breed. Sahiwal cattle are from central Punjab’s arid Punjab area. Skilled herders known as “Charwahas” used to keep them in huge groups. Pakistan’s Sahiwal cow …

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Nili Ravi Buffalo: Black Gold of Pakistan

Nili Ravi Buffalo

Nili Ravi buffalo is known as the best buffalo breed of Pakistan and is famous worldwide for dairy production. The area between the Ravi and Sutlej rivers in Punjab’s unified state is the home territory of Nili Ravi buffaloes.    History and Origin of Nili Ravi This breed arose from the crossbreeding of two distinct varieties (Nili …

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Buffalo Farming: It’s Significance in Economy of Pakistan.

Buffalo Farming

Buffalo farming plays a significant contribution to the livestock economy of Pakistan. Buffalo farming is increasingly considered for the production of milk and meat. Annual milk production of Ravi-type buffalo is up to 1000-3000kg and annual milk production of swamp-type buffalo is about 600kg. In Pakistan, about 26.3 million buffalo are performing good production of …

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Cattle Farming in Pakistan: Scope and Feasibility

cattle farming

Cattle farming, also known as agriculture farming, is a profession in which farmers or different business investors raise cattle breeds. Some people take it as a business or profession, or some take it as their passion and raise different kinds of famous breeds just for their interests. There can be two specific reasons to have …

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Australian Cow: Origin, Breeding, And Diet

Australian cows are dairy cows, and they first arrived in Australia in 1788. If we talk about Australian cows, then there are seven different famous breeds for their milk production. Here we will discuss these breeds, their specifications, and their different features. Seven Australian cows are: Holstein: Jersey: Brown Swiss: Ayrshire: Aussie Red: Guernsey: Illawarra: …

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