Gyr Cow: Identification, Origin, Breeding, and Diet


Gir or Gyr cattle is one of the famous breeds of the Zebu family, originated from India. Gir cow is usually used to improve other breeds, including the Red Sindhi breed and Sahiwal. Gir cow is also called a humped cow due to its hump on its back, which makes it different from other cow …

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Brahman Cow : A Comprehensive Guide

Brahman cow

The Brahman cow is an American breed of zebu beef cattle and also known as Brahman or Brahma. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the Brahman cattle, its home track, its characteristics, its origin, and all its notable features. In 1885, the United States introduced the Brahman breed from India. It …

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Dairy Farming in Pakistan: Scope and Feasibility

dairy farm

Dairy farming in Pakistan is an occupation mainly held by the private sector at various scales, both in urban and rural areas. This sector is generally characterized as fragmented and subsistence. More than 20 dairy plant units in Pakistan; their main products include pasteurized milk and UHT (Ultra High temperature) milk. If we talk about …

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Murray Cow : A Brief Description

murray cow

It has long been known that buffaloes are bred for milk production and meat production in the northwest of India. The Murray Cow is what I will introduce to you today. There is no better-known breed of buffalo in the world than Murray. This breed of buffalo is a water breed known scientifically as Bubalus …

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