Doodh Soda: Popular Traditional Drink in Pakistan

Doodh Soda is commonly famous as a popular traditional drink in Pakistan. Instead of consuming a carbonated drink, which can have effects on health, Pakistani people prefer to have a mix of it with chilled milk preparing Doodh Soda, which appears to be healthier than bare drink.


The carbonated drinks that are used in it may vary from person to person according to the preferences. Like sugarcane juice, this drink is also widely enjoyed in summer, especially for the refreshing effect.

During the Holy month of Ramadan, doodh soda is served during Iftaar. It is mostly used by the people of cities like Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi, Islamabad, and many more.

Origin of Doodh Soda

Dudh soda is mostly considered a Punjabi Drink because it came from the northern and southern regions of Punjab in Pakistan

Ingredients of Doodh Soda

Milk, drink like sprite, pakola, 7-Up, ice, fresh cream.

Recipe of Doodh Soda

In order to make this refreshing drink, take one-third of the crushed ice in a glass. Add milk up to two-thirds. Finally, fill the rest with any carbonated drink i.e. 7-up or sprite.

Benefits and Nutritional

Barely carbonated drink can have drastic effects on health but mixing it with milk and having it as doodh soda, can have the following advantages:

  • Milk in this drink provides minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins which are essential for the bones and teeth.
  • Also, the carbonated drinks, which are a part of it, can serve to provide electrolytes that can stabilize the body temperature and ions proportion.
  • It serves as an energy source for the body in summer.
  • Although can be scientifically debatable, it is assumed that soda can have soothing effects on the breathing process and thus can help in coping with asthma.

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