National Flag of Pakistan; Its background and design

Pakistan flag is of dark green and white color having a proportion of 3:2 length and width. The green color is rectangular and white in the vertical bar. The center of the green part has a crescent and five-pointed stars of white paint. The vertical stripe is on the left side, while a dominant green color is on the right side of the Flag. 

national flag of pakistan

Pakistan Flag Specification

The Pakistan flag has its specification through which it is designed and makes it unique among the other flags.

  • Meaning of Pakistan Flag

The color and symbols of the Pakistan flag signify its specific meaning. It features a primarily green color. This green color represents the religion of the country. The white color of the left side of the national Flag represents the minorities residing in the country. The Crescent present on the center of the Flag symbolizes the progress of the country and the five-pointed star symbolizes light. The overall Flag symbolizes the meaning of the nation’s commitment to its religion Islam and represents respect for minorities and taking care of their rights.

The National Flag is mentioned in the national anthem of Pakistan as the “Flag of the Star and Crescent” in Urdu Parcham-e-Sitāra-o-Hilāl. 

Pakistan Flag Background

In sub-continent India, during the independence struggle, Muslims of India planned to have a separate state. Accordingly, all Indian Muslim League approved the Muslim league flag on 30 December 1906. The green and white colors of the Flag and the crescent and star are the Islamic emblems.

On 14 August 1947, Pakistan became independent. The design was adapted from the Muslim League flag. In the Flag of the Muslim League white stripe was added to make the national flag of Pakistan. As white color has the spectrum of all colors, so it was added to the Flag to represent the minorities residing in the country. Green and white color both symbolizes the peace and prosperity of the country. Cresent and star is the emblem that represents progress and the light of the country. The All India Muslim League Flag was highly inspired by the Flag of the Ottoman Empire and Mughal Empire.

Who designed the national Flag?

Amir Uddin Kidwani designed the national flag of Pakistan. He took the idea of design from the Flag of the All India Muslim League. On 11 August 1947, the National Flag was adopted by the constituent assembly.

National flag of pakistan

Who Presented the National Flag of Pakistan?

On 11 August 1947, Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, presented the National Flag in the constituent Assembly of Pakistan. In 1906 this Flag was designed by the Muslim League of Pakistan, which contributed to the movement of a separate homeland for Muslims of India

 Protocols of Pakistan Flag

Any other flag must not fly higher than the national Flag.

  • If the national Flag is flown or displayed with other national flags, it must be equal to the different national flags.
  • If the Pakistan flag is displayed with the military, corporate or provincial flags, it must be higher than other flags.
  • If the Pakistan flag is tied to a mast, it should be tied at the left side and fly at the left side.
  • The Pakistan flag should not touch the floor, feet, or shoes.
  • The Flag of Pakistan should not be flown in dark areas.
  • At the official parliament building, the Flag should never be lowered and lit at night.
  • On other buildings, flags should be raised at dawn and should be lowered at dusk.
  • There should not be any word or picture marked with Pakistan.
  • When the Pakistan flag is raised, all the uniformed personnel must salute them. Likewise, other people must stand in honor of the National Flag.
  • Pakistani Flags must be raised in various ceremonies.
  • It must not be displayed in the vertical direction.
  • If the Pakistan flag is displayed horizontally, the white stripe should be on the left side, and the Green should be on the right side.
  • Crescent and star should not face the left side when the Flag is displayed or fly.
  • The National Flag must be avoided to get unclean where it is displayed.
  • The National Flag of Pakistan should be saved from the fire.
  • The National Flag should not be buried in a grave.


Occasions of flag flying

  • On 23 March.The Lahore resolution day1940
  • On 14 August Independence day
  • On 9 November, Allama Iqbal birthday
  • On 25 December, Quaid e Azam birthday


Use of Pakistan Flag

Pakistan flag rules are regulated to use by public officials. Prime minister Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali introduced them in 2002. The National Flag is used in the residences and for the vehicle of following public officials.

  • The President, Prime minister, chief justice, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, The Chief Justices of the High Courts, Governors, Chief minister, ministers of provinces, and federal ministers of Pakistan.
  • The Chairman  and Deputy Chairman of the Senate
  • The Speaker  and deputy speaker of the National Assembly, along with speakers of the provincial assembly
  • The Chief Election Commissioner
  • Commissioners and deputy commissioners of Divisions, Political Agents


Facts About National Flag

  • The Pakistan flag was hoisted in Quetta on 14 August 2017 that was 2 miles long.
  • A human flag of Pakistan was formed by 29,040 people in Lahore stadium on 15 February 2014 and made the Guinness World record. Another human flag was created on 22 October 2012 by 24,200 people in Lahore stadium. It was also certified by the Guinness World Record.
  • Another flag of about  340 × 510 ft set the world record  as the enormous Flag at national stadium Karachi in 2004

Dimensions of Pakistan Flag

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan gives dimensions of the Pakistani Flag.

Dimensions of Flag for  various ceremonies. 21′ × 14′, 18′ × 12′, 10′ × 6⅔’ or 9′ × 6¼’.

Dimensions to hoist on different buildings. 6′ × 4′ or 3′ × 2′.

Dimensions for vehicles like cars 24″ × 16″.

Dimensions for Flag to put on tables 10¼” × 8¼”.

To Sum Up

Pakistani Flag comprises a dark green and white color .where the dark green color represents most Muslims in the country and symbolizes peace and harmony. In contrast, the white color represents the minority of the country. The crescent and the star symbolizes progress and light simultaneously.

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