Nili Ravi Buffalo: Black Gold of Pakistan

Nili Ravi buffalo is known as the best buffalo breed of Pakistan and is famous worldwide for dairy production. The area between the Ravi and Sutlej rivers in Punjab’s unified state is the home territory of Nili Ravi buffaloes.

History and Origin of Nili Ravi

This breed arose from the crossbreeding of two distinct varieties (Nili and Ravi) on a regular basis.  Originally, Nili and Ravi were two separate kinds, but with the flow of time and extensive interbreeding, the two breeds merged to form a single breed.

Both buffalo species appeared to be remarkably identical due to coincidence characteristics, making it difficult to tell them apart. As a result, in 1950, the two breeds merged to form the Nili Ravi.

In the province’s rural regions, some genuine Nili and Ravi specimens can still be discovered. Lahore, Bahawalnagar, Sheikhupura, Okara, Multan, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, and Bahawalpur are the main cities where this species may be spotted.

However, due to its excellent milk quality, it is located throughout the country and is also imported by several foreign countries. The name Nili is said to have sprung from the blue water of the Sutlej River.

It is related to the Murrah buffalo species and is primarily used for milk production. The best species can be spotted southwest of Mailsi, Pakpatan, along the Sutlej River’s riverine region. It is Pakistan’s top buffalo breed, dubbed the “Black Gold of Pakistan.”

Nili Ravi Buffalo
Nili Ravi Buffalo

Why is Nili Ravi called the Black Gold of Pakistan?

This breed is commonly known as the best breed in the world. That’s why considered the ‘Black Gold of Pakistan’. Nili Ravi Breed is imported by various countries of the world due to its best dairy characteristics

Home Tract

Punjab Province is the home tract of Nilli Ravi which ranges the region between Sutlej and Ravi.

  • Nilli Ravi is found mainly in areas of
    • Faisalabad
    • Okara
    • Sahiwal
    • Bahawalpur
    • Lahore
    • Multan
    • Sheikhupura

Why Nili Ravi Named as Panch Kalyan?

Panch Kalyani is another name for Nili Ravi. The animals of this breed are fairly easy to distinguish. White marks on the face, forehead, muzzle, tails, and legs of animals with glazed eyes. Possession of these white marks known as “Panch Kalyan” is the most sought female characteristic.

The resemblance with Murrah Cow

The buffaloes are efficient milkers and, with the exception of color, are comparable to Murrah in every aspect. Frequently, the tail button is white.

They all have curled antlers and huge and robust udders. Males reach adulthood at thirty months, whereas females reach maturity at thirty-six months. 1390 days is the average life expectancy of the first calf.

Fat Content and Average Weight of Nili Ravi.

With a butterfat content of 6.5 percent, milk yields 1800-2500 liters per lactation. Males of this breed get mature at the age of 30 months while females attain maturity at the age of 36 months

A Male has a body weight of about 550-650 kg. And female body weight is 350-450 kg. Milk contains 6.5%fat.

Males are good sources of meat and can be utilized for draught, especially when preparing the soil for paddy production.

Behavioral Qualities

A major exclusion occurs when white marks spread above the knee and hock, as well as over the body and neck. Buffaloes’ behavioral qualities are impacted by a variety of environmental exposures, including calving year and seasonality, animal maturity at calving, postpartum quantity, and lactation length. These conditions may obscure the animals’ genuine genetic quality.

The research of environmental variables influencing Nili-Ravi buffalo quality attributes is therefore crucial for genetic analyses, breeding, and basic managerial schemes.

Cost of Nili Ravi

Nili Ravi Buffalo’s costs differ depending on their age, milk output, and size, but the typical range is between (150000-400000Rs).

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