Jasmine: The National Flower of Pakistan

The National flower of Pakistan is Jasmine. The meanings of the Jasmine flower are related to love and romance. It represents sensuality and beauty. Because of its vivid white color and paradisiacal scent, the jasmine flower is a source of attraction in the gardens. Lovers like to whisper soft words in the moon garden. At night time, the jasmine flower releases its fragrance and usually at the time of the half moon in the evening when the moon is full. It represents motherhood in Christianity.

Scientific Name of National flower of Pakistan

Its scientific name is Jasminum. The flower belongs to the family of Oleaceae (family of olive), order of Lamiales, tribe of Jasmine, and kingdom of Plantae.  It is not only the national flower of Pakistan but also the national flower of Indonesia, Syria, and the Philippines.

Meaning of Jasmine Flower

Jasmine‘s name is taken from the Persian language, where the word Yasmeen means “gift from God.” Jasmine’s meanings differ according to different cultures.

Names in different countries

  • Melati Putih in Indonesia
  • Sampaguita in Filipino
  •  Asian Jasmine, and Sacred Jasmine in English

Benefits Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is well known for its fragrant oil. Jasmine flowers contain many valuable components like jasmine, benzyl acetate linalool, several alcohols, terpineol,  benzyl benzoate, etc. The primary use of Jasmine oil is in cosmetics and perfumes, creams, soaps, and shampoos. It has properties of relaxation, tranquilizing, and stimulants for sexual desire.


Uses of Jasmine Flower

National Flower of Pakistan

Jasmine is used in different events like weddings, school, college’s annual functions. In addition, it is used in decorating and making the environment and gardens scented. It is used as a sign of decency, affection, and coherence. Jasmine leaves are evergreen, fleeting, and transient.

The flower’s nectar secretes a sweet liquid that becomes the source of attraction for the pollinators of the scented flowers of Carolina Jasmine. Gelsemium sempervirens is a poisonous variety, but it is used in medicinal preparations in the form of dry roots.

Use of Jasmine in India

In India, the jasmine flower is used for the glory of gods. It is also used to dignify the dead. The flower usually represents the spirit of hope. In India Gajras, Garlands are used on special occasions to be worn by the people. Due to its intoxicating scent released at night, In India, it is also known as“Queen of the Night” as Its fragrance is released at night.

Use of Jasmine in Western Countries

In Western countries, the jasmine flower represents feelings and emotions of love. It is considered the best gift for a loved one and a partner. Its sensational scent is a symbol of elegance. 

Use of Flower in Pakistan

National Flower of Pakistan

In Pakistan, wedding couples like to wear garlands on the occasion of their wedding, made of white Jasmine and red roses. It is mainly used on various occasions, for example, in schools and college’s annual functions in Pakistan. 

Over 200 species of flowers are present. Flowers symbolize innocence, love, and purity and are used in the decoration of various events, streets, and gardens.

It can be used on a domestic and industrial level. Jasmine flower is used in the formation of perfume. Jasmine is used in herbal medicine. Jasmine flower is used for flavored and fragrant water.

Some provinces of Pakistan’s province like KPK have more effective use of flowers. They use flowers to wear in their wedding events and the effective use of Jasmine in their rituals. They wear zharnki in their wedding ceremonies. Word Zharanki is derived from the Pashto language.

Physical Appearance of Jasmine Flower

National Flower of Pakistan

The Jasmine plant’s stem is usually about 10 to 15 feet long. The growth rate is almost recorded as 12 to 24 inches per year. To avoid jamming, plants must be kept apart at least 8 feet away for better growth. The flower has six lobes.

The plant of the jasmine flower blooms for 4 hours a day in the minimum light of the sun. Jasmine’s flower has a very pleasing fragrance.

Jasmine flower is a small flower with a white color in a star shape. The flower has been produced due to its beauty and fragrance for thousands of years. The jasmine plant was first built in India, China, and the Middle East. After that, the flower was brought to France, Italy, and the Mediterranean. From there, it spread to Western Europe and Britain, and now Jasmine is produced across the world.

Jasmine has different varieties, and each type of Jasmine represents different meanings. However, because of its attractive scent, this flower is found in almost every garden.

The white variety of the jasmine flower represents attachment and symbolizes sensuality for love. That’s why Jasmine is known as a national flower.

Jasmine as a National Flower

National Flower of Pakistan

Each country represents its identity by symbols, animals, birds, flags, anthem, sport, trees, buildings, parks, etc. Similarly, the national flower also symbolizes a distinct meaning of the nation’s principles.

It has multiple uses like herbal medicine, creams and perfumes, soaps, shampoos, and air fresheners. And is used in food and various dishes used in decoration. Because of these facts and properties, the government of Pakistan decided to announce Jasmine as a national flower of Pakistan.

White  Jasmine symbolizes love and generosity.

  • In our country jasmine flowers are very plentiful, that is why they are chosen as a national flower.
  • The flag of Pakistan has white color, same as the white color of Jasmine and this white color represents peace and wisdom. 

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Types of Jasmine

Two types of flowers are observed, True Jasmine and False Jasmine. Both the flowers have the same scent that’s why they seem difficult to distinguish. The True Jasmine is taken from the Oleaceae family. It is a shrub with thick branches and has fragile stems. It is a nonpoisonous plant. It has oval, green leaves and has white flowers. The false Jasmine is taken from the Gelsemium and Loganiaceae family. This flower is poisonous to humans.

Color Diversity of Jasmine Flower

Most of the species have white color flowers, and a few have yellow color flowers. This flower belongs to the Himalayas in China. The flower blooms after six months on the Plantation. Its Plantation takes place in summer and spring.


The national flower of Pakistan is the Jasmine. Jasmine, also known as “Chameli” in Pakistan, holds cultural significance and is highly valued for its fragrance and beauty. It is widely cultivated and admired for its delicate white flowers and sweet scent.

The Jasmine flower symbolizes purity, elegance, and grace, and it has deep cultural and traditional associations in Pakistan. It is often used in religious ceremonies, weddings, and other special occasions. Jasmine is also used in the production of perfumes, oils, and traditional medicines.

As the national flower, Jasmine represents the natural beauty and rich diversity of Pakistan. It is cherished as a symbol of national pride and serves as a reminder of the country’s cultural heritage.

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