K2 Mountain – National Mountain of Pakistan

The National Mountain of Pakistan is K2. Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori is another K2 name. It is the Highest Mountain in the World, 8,600 meters (28,251 ft) above sea level. Karakoram Mountain’s highest point is K2. This mountain is located between Pakistan and China’s People of the Republic in the Karakoram Range of the Western Himalayas. That is why the mountain is called K2. K2 means Karakoram 2. The mountain’s height is 8,623 meters (28,661 feet). 

European team member Thomas Montgomerie, who attempted to climb the mountain, named this peak “K2” in 1856. This glacier mountain rises from Godwin Austin, a Baltoro branch, to almost 15,000 feet (4,570 meters). Col. T.G. discovered it in 1856.

During the survey of India, it was noticed that it was the second-highest mountain in the Karakoram range, which is why the K2 symbol was given to this mountain. The peak’s first surveyor’s name was Mount Godwin Austen. In the 19th century, Col. H.H. Godwin Austen was an English geographer.

Several Attempts to Reach the Summit

  • In 1902 Anglo-Swiss was the first person to reach the summit at about the height of approximately 18,600 feet (5,700 meters) via the Peak of the northeastern crest.
  • In 1909 an Italian tried the attempt but failed at the height of about 20,000 feet(6000 meters). Luigi Amedo, and Duke d’Abruzzo, were the lead guides.
  • An American tried the attempt in 1938  at the height of about 26,000 feet (7,925 meters) through  Abruzzi Ridge. Charles Houston was the guide.
  •  Another American-led tried the same attempt and went at the height of about 27,500 feet (8,380 meters) in 1939.
  • Another attempt was tried in 1953 at the height of 25,900 feet (7,900 meters) via Abruzzi Ridge. Houston was the guide on the Abruzzi Ridge. 
  • Another Italian with a group of 5 scientists and 12 other people tried to reach Abruzzi Ridge in 1954. In the group doctor, a geologist, and a photographer was included.

K2 Mountain is known for its harsh and acute storms. It makes the track more challenging and slippery for climbers. Climbers find it more brutal. The highest mountains in the world are considered challenging elevations. There are very few people who have climbed Mount Everest.

 The death ratio of K2 climbers is low compared to Mount Everest, so the proportion of K2 climbers is higher.

National mountain K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world. Because of the difficult ascent of this mountain, K2 is known as Savage Mountain.

 American climber George Bell says,

K2 is “a savage mountain that kills you.”

It has a pyramid shape. That has always been the ultimate challenge for the world’s most talented mountaineers. But, unfortunately, it has become a graveyard for climbers. In 2008 almost eleven mountaineers died while climbing K2.

Mick Conefrey made a documentary for the BBC. He met many pioneers who climbed mountains.

 Conefrey wrote a book, The Ghosts of K2: The Epic Saga of the First Ascent, based on mountaineers’ interviews, diaries and letters, to inspire new climbers and adventurous people.

Deadly Mountain

One in four K2 climbers died. As a fact, people have been in outer space rather than on the peak of this deadly mountain. K2 is called a ‘savage mountain’ because of its complex topography and unpredictable weather. One of four climbers died on K2.

Margret Grebowicz states in The Atlantic that second only to Mount Everest in its height, climbing K2 is attempted only by “serious climbers.”

It can be challenging to summit due to various factors. Although it is lower than Everest by 200 meters, the topography is hard to scale and weather conditions are far more unpredictable. In addition, it has a tiny flat area; unlike Everest, K2 has avalanches and rockfalls. 

Freddie Wilkinson, who was a climbing guide, states in The New York Times that “Scaling K2 in winter was perhaps the last true prize of high-altitude mountaineering, a sport born as an expression of national strength among Western European nations in the mid-20th century.”  

 T.G. Montgomery discovered it when he undertook the British survey of India in 1856 to figure out the border between Kashmir and China. But, unfortunately, K2 was not even given a local name because of how remote and inaccessible it is.

Mountaineers find no villages to stop and restock their supplies. Instead, it forces them to walk unusually long distances to base camp. Mick Conefrey said in an interview during the formation of a BBC documentary about K2’s climber’s journey

“I think it’s very poetic because it sums up a mountain that is very bare, very austere, almost like a pyramid. It’s an ideal mountain.”

Grebowicz described K2 as

 “The last Himalayan problem

 Borrowing a phrase used to refer to Switzerland’s mountain Eiger’s hopelessness, 

“The last problem of the Alps.”

Trekking of National Mountain of Pakistan

In 1991, Mountain Kingdoms started running trips to K2 Base Camp. In the world, the highest trek is to climb the massive glacier to the top camp on K2. There is a mysterious way through which it passes, through a coil of granite, granite tops, and massive glaciers.

Trekking begins from Islamabad via Skardu, an Askole village. Initially, it begins with bare scenery with a beautiful view of green emeralds. It is a doorway to the highest mountains in the world. Following the K2 climbers’ trail a hundred years ago.  

Heading up the glacier towards the Karakoram, the snowy mountains rise high above the valley. They show complexity and beauty. There are some famous mountain tops, including Cathedral Peak, Trango Towers, Masherburn, and Broad Peak. These peaks make trekking more classy. This peak offers beautiful views from it.

One may reach Concordia after several days of stunning trekking at 4,700m/15,255ft. Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin-Austen Glacier, these two peaks join together. They are surrounded by six mountain tops of approximately 7,925m/26,000ft; the most prominent of them is K2. The peak is also known as

‘The throne of the mountain gods’ 

Lastly, Broad Peak is about 5,000m/16,450ft after leaving Concordia. This after spending two nights includes the best option for reaching K2 base camp. Making it from a camp to Concordia is tough. It is a long way to travel on tough terrain. Undoubtedly it is more expensive to take the porters and all the kit to Broad Peak Base Camp.

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